• Worcester Controls 3-piece ball valve thru 6", 150# & 300# flanged thru 10", fugitive emission, cryogenic, high purity, v-seated control valve
  • Velan API 600, 602 & 603 gate, globe & check valve, soft seated & metal seated top entry & flanged ball valve, triple offset butterfly, forged pressure seal valve, power ball, Y-pattern, bellows seal valves, full line of cryogenic gate, globe and check valves
  • Bray resilient seated butterfly valves for chemical, sanitary & general applications, Teflon lined butterfly valves, standard high performance and fire safe butterflies
  • Durco Teflon-lined & alloy plug valve, BTV lined butterfly, high-performance butterfly, TSG severe service plug valve
  • Ritepro wafer-style swing check valves, 1" thru 72", 150# thru 1500#. Offered with custom springs, external balance weights and hydraulic cushion counterweights for special applications
  • PBV Class 150 thru Class 2500 trunnion-mounted ball valve, API 6D; 150# and300# flanged floating ball valve, API 6D
  • Piper Valve Systems compact design high pressure API 6FA ball valves and check valves. Poppet 3-way diverter valves and double block and bleed valves also available.
  • Flow-Tek 3-way & 4-way ball valve, 3-piece economy and high performance ball valve, fire-safe 150# & 300# flanged ball valve
  • Burkert on/off & modulating sanitary diaphragm valves, angle seat valves, analytical valves & solenoid valves. Paddle wheel flow sensors, electromagnetic flow sensors, pressure, temperature and pH transmitters; AirLINE Process Control System
  • McCanna/Marpac 3-piece & top entry ball valve, soft & metal seated, 150# & 300# flanged ball valve
  • Sharpe 3-piece economy, high performance ball, 150# & 300# flanged ball valve, gate, globe & check valve
  • SVF steam & thermal fluid ball valve, fire-safe and high alloy ball valve, cryogenic ball valve
  • DSI API 600, 602 & 603 gate, globe and check valves
  • Noble high alloy, high temperature, high pressure, severe service ball valve, Class 150 thru Class 1500
  • Tomoe triple offset and cryogenic butterfly valves
  • Asco 3-way & 4-way solenoids, valve monitoring systems
  • Jogler liquid level gages, sight flow indicators
  • Orbinox knife gate valves, 2" thru 72"
  • TLV temperature control steam traps, balanced pressure thermostatic steam traps, clean steam traps; pressure reducing valves
  • IFS engineered fiberglass pipe and fittings
  • VNE sanitary stainless steel fittings and valves


  • Control valve sizing and selection
  • Relief valve sizing and selection
  • Custom bracketry for actuation of existing valves
  • Verification, testing & serialization of automated valve assemblies
  • Network addressing
  • Custom cryogenic ball, butterfly, gate, and globe valve assemblies
  • Immediate factory fabrication of PTFE, PP and PVDF lined piping systems
  • Custom PTFE, PP and PVDF dip pipes and spargers


  • Samson Controls globe control valves for industrial, sanitary, cryogenic and high temperature services, ½”-20” size, ANSI 125#-2500#. Segment ball and double-eccentric plug control valves, ANSI 150#-300# PTFE-lined control valves. Self-operated temperature, pressure, differential pressure and flow regulators Micro-flow valves for low flow rates.
  • Collins solid Kynar, Polypropylene and Halar globe control valves for corrosive applications
  • Worcester V-Seat custom V-seat rotary valve offered with pneumatic or electric actuation


  • Automax SuperNova B-Series pneumatic actuator, SXL stainless steel pneumatic actuator, R Series heavy duty pneumatic actuator; electric actuators for on/off & modulating services, control accessories, network devices
  • Worcester high performance Series 39 pneumatic actuator, Series 75 and Series 36 electric actuator
  • Bray rack and pinion actuators, electric actuators
  • Morin pneumatic and hydraulic scotch yoke actuators
  • Bernard Controls electric actuators, on/off & modulating, electric spring return


  • Flowserve Apex pneumatic and I/P, Logix 500SI Digital w/ Self-Calibration
  • Worcester Pulsair III Digital
  • Westlock ICOT intelligent autocal positioner with non-contact position feedback; P10 and K10 I/P positioner with self calibration
  • Bray (Siemens) Intelligent Series 6A Electro-Pneumatic Positioner with auto calibration and zero bleed


  • Westlock linear & rotary limit switches, mechanical, solid state, proximity, non-contact position transmitters, low-power solenoid, accu-puck low profile switch, Intellis Network Systems, ASI, DeviceNet, FF, Profi and Modbus
  • Automax linear & rotary limit switches, Aviator integrated limit switch with low power solenoid, BUSwitch valve position monitor offered in AS-I, DeviceNet, FF, Profibus DP


  • Baum PTFE, PP and PVDF lined pipe and fittings
  • Atomac PFA, PP and PVDF lined ball valves, ceramic lined ball valves, PFA lined sampling valves, strainers and check valves
  • Ethylene PTFE expansion joints, ½” thru 42”


  • LESER Safety Relief Valves, Offerings include an API Series, Sanitary Series for Pharmaceuticals, High Performance Series, Teflon–lined Series for the Chemical Industry as well as a Class 150 thru Class 900 Changeover valve
  • Protego Flame and Detonation Arrestors & Conservation Vents. Exotic Alloys and PFA lined units are available.
  • BWB Emergency Shutdown Valve ESD automated valve assemblies
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